The detainee on the eve of the Florida Caesar the Yok had previously come to the attention of law enforcement. His former colleagues characterize the Yok as an Executive employee, and neighbors as a disturbed person. Details of the biography of the American “mail bomber” published today, many American media.

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Saiyok was detained in Florida in the Parking lot of parts store. In search of a man who held in suspense for several days, the U.S. threw the best specialists.

Calculated the Yok, which has repeatedly detained by the police, thanks to a fingerprint on one of the parcels. It was also found that genetic samples from two parcels coincide with the DNA test which he took after one of the arrests, according Meduza.

Further proof of the involvement of SAI Yok became its ignorance of grammar. As reported by the Prosecutor’s office of the state of new York, the suspect wrote with errors . For example, the name of former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton: “Hilary” instead of “Hillary”. Incorrectly indicated the name of the member of the house of representatives of Congress Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (Democrat, Florida): “Shultz” instead of “Schultz”. Experts have compared the writing of the names of recipients of reports on Twitter of the suspect — error match.

Intelligence agencies take the van Saiyok. Photo: Reuters

Many have noticed that explosive message was addressed to the opponents and critics of trump. After detention it became known that in 2016, the Yok registered as a voter is a Republican, participated in the election rallies of Donald trump.

The suspect white van plastered with posters with trump and painted over the faces of his opponents ‘ targets.

Sayoko led several social media accounts, where he criticized political opponents of Donald trump and openly threatened them.

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Their bombs Sayoko, presumably collected by instructions that are published on the Internet on websites associated with terrorists. Experts do not exclude that he could be guided by the book “Cookbook anarchist” — written in 1960-ies a book on making weapons from scratch.

Bombs filled with shards of glass were sent to former U.S. President, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, businessman George Soros, actor Robert de Niro, several congressmen. None of them exploded thanks to the vigilance of the special services. However, as confirmed by the FBI, it was not a dummy.

Photo: Reuters

Press with reference to the relatives of the Yok said that he left home early. In his youth, earning, performing in strip clubs and abused steroids.

Until recently, the Yok was working in pizza delivery. Former boss calls him a model employee, but draws attention to the fact that Sayoko is constantly expressed against gays, blacks, Jews. Sayoko and herself were criticized homosexuality, saying that she will “burn in hell”, says Meduza.

In conversations with colleagues, he called himself an Indian, although, as told the media his relative, the mother of Yok — Italian, and her father was Filipino.

In recent cases it, apparently, was not very good. The yok live in a van and showered at the gym where he worked.

Photo: Reuters

As reported by Reuters, the Yok charged with five Federal crimes: the transportation of explosives, sending explosives, threats to former presidents and others in international relations and attack on current and former law enforcement officials.

If the fault of the 56-year-old suspect is proved, he faces a long prison term.

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