The company has introduced a full-sized copy of the hypercar

Photo: Lego

Photo: Lego

Photo: Lego

The Lego company built a full-size copy of the hypercar Bugatti Chiron with glowing lights, movable spoiler and the engine running. For the construction of the model took more than million of parts of Lego Technic and 13 thousand hours of work.

On a copy of “Chiron” worked Lego Technic designers and engineers of the company’s plant in the Czech Klando to create installations for Lego stores and Legoland parks. The machine is assembled from triangular parts, and the movement is driven by motors Lego Power Function. Only the engine of such a Chiron — 1 304 4032 motor and gears. The output of the unit with 5.3 horsepower and 93 Nm of torque.

During testing at a racetrack in the commune Era-Lessines, Germany, test pilot of Bugatti, Andy Wallace been able to overclock the Lego Chiron to 20 kilometers per hour. According to Wallace, a distance of 20 metres a copy of the hypercar looks like a real car.

Earlier, out of Lego bricks assembled full-size replica of the Porsche 911. Large Lego bricks were manufactured by a company specifically for this project.

Debuted earlier full-scale model of a race car Formula-1, collected from 349 911 Lego blocks, a copy of the McLaren 720S from 280 thousand blocks and five meter long Batmobile, which weighs 770 pounds. Its construction took 344 Lego bricks and 1833 hours.

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