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High-tech devices that help people with low vision or blindness, became a reality.

A canadian company has created a device eSight, which helps people with visual impairment or blindness again to see normally, writes She received from the Organization of veterans Affairs US permission to give their devices a former American military for benefits.

The eSight device uses high-resolution screens, intelligent algorithms and state of the art camera to help people with poor eyesight to see more clearly.

“It involves a lot of technology just to call them points,” — said the President and CEO of eSight Bob waters.

How eSight works?

The device is arranged as follows.

In front of each eye of the user contrast display with OLED-matrix with a resolution HD (1024*76 points). Camera on the front “points” records video in UltraHD format using a highly sensitive matrix (21.5 MP).

The camera is equipped with 24-fold zoom.

User interface eSight also has HDMI inputs and USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a removable SD card.

The system stimulates the functions of the photoreceptors in the eyes of man. This means that the brain receives the missing visual information. And this procedure helps to create a coherent image in the mind of man.

The external part of the device is made from various types of hard and durable plastic that allows you to obtain smooth, high quality texture without losing stability and comfort.

“The device is working on one of the most advanced mobile chips and can perform many functions, — says technical Director of eSight, Charles lim. — So, in fact, on your head a supercomputer”.

Lim directs technology and operational team of the company. Before eSight, he worked at IMAX Corporation and in charge of one of its subsidiaries.

Lim explains that the eSight has developed the device to improve vision based on three factors: improved vision, mobility and control of view.

Feature of the device is its price. In retail the device is sold for $6000.

According to estimates of Waters, worldwide 66 million people with low vision who can benefit from this device. But most of them cannot afford to buy it.

Therefore, to help at least some of these people, the company together with the Union of U.S. veterans will give these devices the former military on a preferential basis.

Whether there are analogues?

The canadian company is not the only one on the market that attempts to restore people’s vision.

HB already told you how in 2018 for the first time British doctors have successfully used stem cells to restore vision.

A new method of treatment was developed by scientists from University College London with the help of the staff of the National Institute of research in the field of health. The procedure is done in only 45 minutes under local anesthesia.

After the success in the treatment of two patients doctors were allowed to continue the experiment for another eight. They then hope to introduce the method into clinical practice around the world over the next few years.

Also, the Israeli startup ICI Vision has its own smart glasses for people with visual impairments. The device uses artificial intelligence and hardware to help people with disabilities better vision to see the world.

“The mission of ICI Vision is to increase and optimization of human vision by developing a first of its kind individually optimized digital platforms,” — said in a statement.