The Cabinet of Ministers decided to increase to 2 thousand UAH of pension for those Ukrainians who currently receive less than this amount, but have the full experience.

As stated in the article OBOZREVATEL, for women it is 30 years and for men 35. For example, if you work 30 years with minimum salary, at the moment Ukrainians under the age of 65 years is entitled to payment in the amount of UAH 1497. If there is a full length and 65 years, by law the pension shall be not less than 40% of the minimum wage – 1671 UAH.

“And the first and the second from 1 July will have to pay 2 thousand UAH. That is, if there is full seniority and pension is below 2 thousand, it will automatically increase to that amount. But if retirement, for example, 2001 UAH, its size does not reconsider. Total increase, according to Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman will affect 2.5 million people”, – stated in the material.

Novosti Ukraine from July 1 increased pension: who and how much

It is noted that 67 UAH will increase payments to Ukrainians with a minimum pensions, and 670 UAH – maximum. Pensioners will receive at least UAH 1564. Also, if the Ukrainians with a minimum pension have a full length (for women and 30 for men – 35 years), they have the right and an increase in the amount of not less than 1% of the subsistence minimum. If now, for example, a woman with 40 years of experience and a minimum pension may receive an increase in the amount of 149,7 UAH, after the first of July – 156,4 UAH.

Ukrainians with maximum pensions will receive an increase in the amount of UAH 670. Now such payment is received not more than 1.9% of the total number of pensioners. If July is 14,9 thousand UAH, after – 15.6 thousand UAH. Most often it is those who went on a holiday with special rights. For example, MPs, judges etc.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Ukraine, with January 1, significantly increased the pensions of about 500 thousand military pensioners. In addition, about 2 million Ukrainians will receive an increase with the increase of the minimal salary.

In 2019 the payment will increase by about 25% from the received gain. In addition, Ukraine recalculated pensions to Ukrainians with a great experience. They are entitled to payment in the amount of not less than 40% of the minimum wage. In 2018 it 1489 UAH, and from 1 January 2019 – 1669 UAH. That is almost 180 USD more.

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