From the size of a living wage and depend on other social benefits

Author of the photo: Anatoliy Boyko, Today

From 1 December 2018 has been the indexation of social benefits in Ukraine. Increased the minimum pension and the subsistence minimum, the size of which tied welfare payments, in particular the minimum pension.

Thus, the average subsistence minimum from December amounted to UAH 2027. The subsistence minimum for able-bodied persons – UAH 2102. A living wage due to disability – 1638 UAH. Subsistence minimum for children under 6 years – UAH 1779.

The growth of the subsistence minimum will affect, in particular, on the maintenance that directly depend on it. Previously, the alimony for a child up to 6 years amounted to 1559 UAH and from December 1, their amount increased to UAH 1626. For children from 6 to 18 years child support has risen from 1944 UAH to UAH 2027.

The previous increase of progestinami was held on 1 July 2018. Also cost of living will rise in 2019.

In addition, from 1 December the minimum pension in Ukraine grew by UAH 62 and is 1497 UAH.