The former Director General of the Lugansk “Dawn” Sergey Rafailov have predicted the consequences of a pandemic coronavirus for Ukrainian football.

Sergey Rafailov

“This virus – it is a misfortune that had fallen on humanity. After a pause of Ukrainian football will be different. I do not think that the qualitative and quantitative composition of our football will be the same as before the coronavirus. Mainly, will suffer the Second League. The first is the League and with the New year and the Premier League. In the world and Ukraine is expected to decline in the economy. And we do everything exaggerated is happening, so the changes will be large,” – said Sergey Rafailov in interview to the program #Saisissable TC “Football”.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, a sports doctor called the unfortunate effects of quarantine for football. In the opinion of the doctor the athletes after a long pause because of the coronavirus will not be able to return to the usual mode, retaining the previous conditions.

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