In Russia amid the conflict with Georgia began bullying products of the corresponding origin.

Confirming the photos in his Twitter revealed the blogger Fascists in Donetsk. It depicts shelves of the supermarket with bottles of water TM “Borjomi” with high prices on it and says “Only for washing your feet.”

“They bleep” – commented post blogger, collecting dozens of reviews.

Novostirussia to unite with Ukraine in response to Putin’s villainy with tourists: the essence

“Borzhomi” in the Russian supermarket

Twitter Fascists Donetsk

Users also supported the position of the Fascists, Vaslav such a ridiculous trick of the Russians. “And what can you expect from people who eats cat food from cans, cheese, palm oil, and in bottles of Borjomi throws a hawthorn on alcohol?”, “Yes, they will hang for the price to wash his feet! They are free in pools do not wash, walk-stink, and now you must pay!”, “Well, let them do with Borjomi anything, just please buy more”, “the owner of the brand “Borjomi” is some unit of Russian “Alfa-Group”. As always, Vanya shoots himself in the foot,” wrote the network.

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News”Will be with Ukraine!” Pavliashvili pounced on the protesters in Georgia because of Russia


Fascists Donetsk (@FashDonetsk) June 26, 2019

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

  • June 21, residents of the Georgian capital Tbilisi continued the protest in the square before the Parliament of Georgia.

  • In Russia, the protests provoked a strong reaction from President Vladimir Putin signed a decree banning the carriage of passengers the Russian airlines to Georgia.

  • In response to the Kremlin’s actions is the biggest cinema chain in the country Cavea has suspended the screening of the films in the Russian language.

  • Later analysts estimate the amount of Tbilisi will be the closure of the Russian border and the cessation of tourist traffic.

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