A high level of stress contributes to obesity, even for those people who used to follow their diet.

This is due to the increased level of the hormone cortisol, which affects the thyroid gland and therefore metabolism and appetite, writes The Sun.

The higher the stress level, the slower the thyroid gland and the worse happen fat burning processes. Cortisol also affects the stimulation of certain parts of the brain during sleep, which can cause increase in the synthesis of ghrelin – the hormone that is responsible for hunger.

Novostiukraine obesity: scientists call the perfect diet

In this case, the man begins to eat much more than usual and may overeat. That’s why people seeking to lose weight, you need to watch your nervous condition.

Overeating (illustration)


As he wrote OBOZREVATEL, scientists have discovered a group of neurons in the brain, which regulates appetite.

Researchers from the University of Arizona found that part of the emotional center, and the amygdala of the brain act as a control system, which makes it clear we are hungry or not.

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