Photo: Cook in social networks in every way insulted the Chinese

The chef of one of the hotels in Malaysia were dismissed after it was revealed that he racist comments about Chinese people, but also spit in your meal.

The leadership of Malaysian five-star Grand Ion Delemen fired the cook who spat into the food of tourists from China. The chef himself explained this hatred for them, says Says.

Cook also in social networks published a post containing racist remarks against Chinese tourists.

For example, he repeatedly wrote: “the Best part of his work has been spitting in the food served to the Chinese customers”, “I Have a lot of work. But the best thing about my job? I can spit in the food of the Chinese.”

Citizens of China, he was called “stupid” and “disgusting.”

The hotel management was forced after the scandal to place in the Facebook statement that they “deeply regret”.

As previously reported, cook has lost 87 kg from a nightmare.

Recall that the Slovak Deputy stripped of mandate for racist comments.

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