Appeared in the media reports about what Pope Francis and his two aides allegedly became ill with the new coronavirus in Chinese.

Information about it on 29 February was published by the website of MSM News, citing the press service of the Vatican. It is argued that tests of high-ranking clergy in the COVID-2019 yielded positive results.

Pope Francis is ill


The site also writes that the previous day the cleric missed a scheduled mass with the clergy of Rome, but this met with parishioners “with symptoms similar to coronavirus”.

An article about the fact that Dad had contracted the coronavirus

Screen MSM News

Data about the disease then spread and some other resources. In particular, Russia’s top propagandist Olga Skobeeva published in the Telegram message about what the Pope allegedly infected with the coronavirus. In his post, she wrote: “what a twist!”

The message of the propagandist


A fake also shared the newspaper “RBC-Ukraine”:


Note: domain MSM News was in 2016 in China, the registration was changed on 26 February, three days ago.

On the website there is no information about the owners and authors of the MSM News. Just online posted about 30 articles.

On the alleged illness of the Pope has still not reported by any major media, there is no official announcement from the press service of the Vatican.

Pope Francis is ill

Associated Press when it writes that Pope Francis cancels official meetings for the past three days, although previously he had not done anything like this.

However, he continued to work, taking people in his residence at the hotel Santa Marta. So, closed the meeting the Pope held with the head of the Bishop’s office of the Vatican Ambassador Francis in Lebanon and France and the Ukrainian Archbishop – the head of the UGCC Sviatoslav (Shevchuk).

The press service of the UGCC

The Vatican did not disclose details of the illness of Francis, saying only that he had “mild discomfort”. Journalists recalled that in childhood the cleric lost part of a lung.

Pope Francis is ill

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, during the latest public appearance during worship on Wednesday, February 26 – Pope Francis has decided to shake hands with believers and kissed the baby.

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