The inhabitants of the Earth will observe simultaneously three unique phenomena that simultaneously last seen 150 years ago

Photo: NASA

On Wednesday 31 January will be observed at the same time three rather unusual phenomenon: lunar Eclipse, full moon and blue Moon. As different reasons, not all inhabitants of the Earth will be able to watch this event live, NASA space Agency will hold an online broadcast of the Eclipse observed in the States of California and Arizona.

Stream lunar Eclipse on the NASA website will start on January 31 at 12:30 Kiev time.

The supermoon is a phenomenon that occurs when a match full moon and the time of closest approach of the moon and the Earth. Thanks to this phenomenon from the Ground you can see the larger size of the lunar disk than usual, and its brightness is approximately 14% higher in comparison with the usual full moon.

Blue moon also is when one month can see two full moons. The previous full moon was observed on 2 January.