Photo: PAP/Tytus Żmijewski

The device has already been tested.

Scientists from the Krakow Polytechnic Institute have created a prototype low-cost ventilator, the cost of which does not exceed 1 thousand zlotys (about 220 euros), transfers “Radio Poland.”

The device has already been tested but not yet certified. During testing, the experts who tested the prototype, noted its benefits.

“We are surprised that in such a short time – just a few weeks – and at such a low cost managed to create a system that “breathes”, and also takes into account the need for humidification and heating of air, which is necessary when treating patients with the disease COVID-19″ – said Katarzyna Zimny of the University children’s hospital in Krakow.

Designers from Cracow University of technology intend to publish the documentation of the device in the open license rights to other countries, especially those in which there is a shortage of medical equipment, could use the developments of Polish scientists.