Pavelko (center) reported that “Cup unconquered” will be held annually

Photo: Andrey Pavelko / Facebook

The football Federation of Ukraine (FFU) is planning to provide sports rehabilitation greater number of veterans of the ATO, said the President of the football Federation of Ukraine Andriy Pavelko in Facebook.

“Following the first draw of the Cup “unconquered”, which will now become an annual event, the heroes of the ATO, seriously injured at the front, will be able to participate in regular football, Futsal and prepare for international competitions”, – he wrote.

Pavelko said that on July 16 the FFU signed a cooperation agreement with the National Council for sports rehabilitation of the defenders of Ukraine, headed by President for rehabilitation of ATO participants Vadim Sviridenko.

“The new sports draft – a joint initiative of the FFU and the national Council”, – he said.

Вслед за первым розыгрышем «Кубка нескорених», который теперь станет ежегодным, Герои АТО, получившие серьезные ранения…

Опубліковано Андрієм Павелком Понеділок, 16 липня 2018 р.

“Game unsubdued” (Invictus Games) is an international sporting events in the Paralympic style, founded by Prince Harry of Wales in 2014.

In 2017 Ukraine first competed at the tournament, winning 14 medals: eight gold and three silver and bronze.

In 2018 “Games undefeated” will be held from 20 to 27 October in Sydney.