Danilko: You with a professional began to live better? You have the subway eight hryvnia!

Photo from the personal archive of Andrey Danilko

The actor of an original genre, composer and producer Andrey Danilko said that considering his candidature for the presidential election. He said this in an interview to “KP in Ukraine”.

“I however can’t see if I’m third. God loves a Trinity. It would be good,” he said, under the first two candidates referring to showman Vladimir Zelensky and musician Svyatoslav Vakarchuk.

According to Danilko, it is criticized that it does not know the Ukrainian language and not a politician, “not a professional”.

“I know the MOV I have no experience. And professional began to live better? Well, the point that he “freely rozmowa ukraïnskoyu”. You have the subway eight hryvnia!” – said Danilko.

Danilko believes that Vakarchuk is not natural gestures.

“I look at Slavik. God give him health. But these hands… This all taught. Better this someone was? It just looks funny. As Poplawski’s doing. They all have the same movement. But we’re also smart people, understand that it’s not by accident, not because he wanted to do it – and he went. It is evident that behind him are powerful people,” he said.

Andrey Danilko was born on 2 October 1973 in Poltava. In 2008, he received the title of people’s artist of Ukraine. Danilko stands in the way conductors Verka Serduchka.