In connection with overt act of aggression of Russia against Ukraine in the Azov sea, Ukraine will take a number of steps in the international arena. The first will be a strengthening of the military grouping of NATO in the Black sea area.

This broadcast ObozTV said adviser to the Minister of the temporarily occupied territories of Alexander Levchenko. At first this step will be very careful.

“The entrance of NATO vessels in the Black sea and, if necessary, if Russia is to continue to demonstrate your complete nihilism with respect to all these international legal obligations, attempt in some way to encourage Russia to other actions”, – explained Levchenko.

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The next item on the agenda, he said, should be scheduled Vienna meeting of the OSCE. After all the aggravation in the sea of Azov is an extremely important issue for the European security.

“We have a line of the European Parliament who had previously condemned the actions of Russia in the Azov sea. Now, this situation will worsen as the European Parliament can condemn? Perhaps the proposal of tougher sanctions, to still, the Kremlin has revised its policy,” the official added.

Carrier strike group the U.S. Navy

“Well, we need to be mobilized. All that the enemy could use against the Ukrainian state, therefore, need to be balanced, solid, but not to overreact, not to get yourself in some open conflict. But to show that Ukraine is able and will protect its sovereignty,” concluded Levchenko.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, after the incident on November 25, when a Russian ship rammed the tug of the Navy of Ukraine, at the outlet of the Kerch Strait, Russia has used weapons against the ships of the Ukrainian Navy, seized three vessels. On Board were at least six wounded, and 23 became prisoners of war of Ukrainian, Russian.

In connection with the incident, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko convened an emergency meeting of the Council of national security and defense. The President supported the idea of introducing martial law. November 26, 276 people’s deputies of Ukraine supported the initiative Poroshenko.

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