The first Autonomous mini-helicopter will launch in mid-2020.

NASA has announced the launch of a small helicopter on the surface of Mars. The device needs to be on the Red planet in 2021 and will be the first research helicopter beyond Earth.

The first Autonomous mini-helicopter will launch in the framework of the mission of the NASA Mars in mid-2020, reports with reference to According to plan, the aircraft should fall on the surface of a neighboring planet in February 2021.

Martian helicopter weighs just 1.8 kg and has a length of the blades 1.2 meters. Apparatus is provided for a few runs on the surface of Mars, which will last no more than 90 seconds and will allow him to fly between 100 m and 1 km, the maximum height to which to rise the helicopter is 5 m.

It is reported that the main problem of the functioning of aircraft on Mars is thin atmosphere of the planet. Flying just above the surface of Mars equate to the flight to 30 km above sea level on Earth, which is almost two times higher than can fly helicopters.

Two blades will spin up to 2.4 thousand rpm, while the rotational speed of the rotor of the helicopter Mi-8 is approximately 200 rpm.

Martian helicopter will have on Board any research equipment. The unit will complement just one colour camera with high resolution, with the help of which scientists will study Mars for hard-to-reach places on the surface of the planet.

“The first flight of the Mars helicopter will represent the version of the first Wright brothers plane Kitty Hawk on another planet and the opening of a new era,” says project Manager Susan Gorton.