Okueva died 30 October 2017 in the Kiev region

Photo: Amina Okueva / Facebook

The suspect in the murder of Ukrainian volunteer Amines AquaWay name is Salah Khumaidov, announced may 20 edition of “RBC-Ukraine” citing a source in the police.

On 19 may, the attorney General’s Office and the police said that the alleged organizer in absentia reported about suspicion. They informed that the suspect – 44-year-old citizen of Russia, native of Chechnya. According to law enforcement, he had to find the perpetrators of the murder of Acuevue and her husband Adam Osmayev for a reward.

“RBC-Ukraine” reported to the police that the suspect is already wanted, but in the database of the MVD investigative information Khumaidova not been placed yet.

Edition “Deтектив.info” found that we are talking about Salah the Danilbekovich Khumaidova 1976, the native village of Mesker-Yurt in the Shali district of the Chechen Republic. In the elections of 2009 he ran for the post of head of the village administration of Mesker-Yurt.

The police believe that he had directly ordered the killing of the spouses. Khumaidova suspected of organizing the assassination and murder from mercenary motives on preliminary arrangement by group of persons, the notice was sent to the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

October 30, 2017 at the village of glevaha, near Kiev on the car, which drove Okueva and Osman, opened fire with automatic weapons. Okueva died on the spot and Osman were injured.

The first suspect in the murder of AquaWay militiamen detained two years later after the crime in January 2020. It is a native of Dagestan Igor Redkin, he had lived a long time in Ukraine. The police reported that Redkin illegally received Ukrainian citizenship. A suspect is in custody. According to the investigation, Redkin was part of a criminal group which was engaged in contract killings.

The police reported that Redkin DNA matched the DNA on the gun that committed the murder. The lawyers called the examination of DNA questionable (immediately after the murder, the police claimed that DNA on the gun that was found near the scene of the shooting of the car, no).

A native of Chechnya, Osman participated in the antiterrorist operation in the Donbass, led the International peacekeeping battalion of volunteers named Dzhokhar Dudayev, which consisted mainly of Chechens. Okueva was the press Secretary of the battalion. In Russia, Osmayev accused in the assassination attempt on President Vladimir Putin. Osmayev himself been a target several times.