Vine: Fire can not be put out, and there!

Photo: Yuri Loza / Facebook

Russian musician Yuri Loza laughed at firefighters who extinguished a fire in a Notre Dame. Post he published on Facebook.

“We are no barriers either in the sea or on land”, “We were born to make a fairy tale come true”, “On Mars will be Apple blossom” – all this pompous statements that pile up in their bravura songs hundreds of opinionated local would-be optimists and thousands of hearty around the world. What kind of categorical statements, and how insignificant little man so much arrogance? What backed up these ambitions? Today in the center of Europe on eyes the whole world in half a day burned the Notre Dame Cathedral, and no one was able to prevent it. A small fire with his funny hose looked at the background of the raging elements as “Manneken Pis” in Brussels the street. The fire can not be put out, and there’s…!” – he wrote.

«Нам нет преград, ни в море ни на суше», «Мы рождены, чтоб сказку сделать былью», «На Марсе будут яблони цвести» — всё…

Posted by Юрий Лоза on Monday, April 15, 2019

The fire in the Cathedral broke out April 15. According to preliminary information, it happened from-for repair work in the building. Chief architect of conservation of historical monuments Philip Villeneuve said that when in the Cathedral, a fire broke out at the site did not have employees.

The building collapsed spire and roof. No casualties were reported.

The interior Ministry of France said that the basic design of the Cathedral was saved.

On the night of April 16, a fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame was extinguished.