The recognition of Thomas Beatty has become only the second in history.

Former English footballer Thomas Beatty, who played for hull city, has admitted his sexual orientation.

33-year-old player who retired in 2015 as a result of serious injuries, decided to make coming out.

“It’s time to share something very personal for me.

Easier to sit in silence, but the real challenge is to speak out, and it’s time for me to live in truth and hope, to affect change. I am a brother, son, friend and I’m gay.

It took me a long time to accept who I am, and I hope that the next generation will be a little easier. Thank you to everyone who supported me in the process and coming my way, I appreciate you,” wrote Beatty in Instagram.

Beatty is just the second and first in the last 30 years English football player who committed coming out. The first in 1990 was the former Manchester city striker and West ham Justin Fashanu.

Last summer it was reported that the star of the Premier League is going to make coming out.

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