Sniper Russian occupation troops killed in Donbas servicemen of Armed forces of Ukraine Vitaly Imbersago. Gunshot wound to the head left no chance. In an instant was wiped out plans for a happy life, and in the hearts of the loved ones settled grief.

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Vitaly Limborsky served within 28 Ombre behalf of the Knights of the Winter Campaign


“My father remained in the Crimea and did not approve of his son’s choice”

Vitali was born in the village of Konstantinovka of the Znamensky district, Kirovograd region on 20 March 1996. School, study at Kirovohrad school, work and life-work – football… family say: where there is sport there was and Vitaly. No bad habits.

When the family was tight with money, I took any job – including in the logging.

Then decided to go into the army and signed a three-year contract.

Cousin Vitaly – Vladislav Limborsky – the company commander in the 57th Ombre. He told OBOZREVATEL that Vitaly’s mother lives in Kirovograd with her younger son Anton – the boy is still a preschooler.

But the father of the warrior, as told to friends of the family, is not so simple.

“This from his father… Left to work in the Crimea, the decision of the son to join the army did not approve. All this time he was not interested. What can I say, even the death of his son took cool” – shared acquaintances.

Vitaly Limborsky

Photo from the Facebook page of Vitali in

Cousin Vitaly said that he had met the girl, and dreamed about the wedding. No time…

“We talked to my brother two weeks ago. We planned that he transferred to me. My dad called acne even more than me, he was a us native. And all the time rushed forward…” – said Vladislav.

On the death of his brother, the military found out this morning.

“Not at first believe. Began to call the “hotline”. And turned out to be true,” added the warrior.

Vitaly Limborsky right

Photo from the Facebook page of Vitali in

Finds from her woes and cousin Vitali – Anna Sparta. Says otherwise, like “the Golden man” no one called either.

“Very honest and modest. It is impossible to believe that he is gone. After all, just a kid,” says Anna.

Sister also said that saw Vitali rarely, but the connection is maintained. Vitaly was constantly rewritten and nephew – the son of Anna.

Vitaly Limborsky

Photo from personal archive

“He asked to send him to Donbass”

As told to OBOZREVATEL Alina Demchenko, press officer 28 Ombre behalf of the Knights of the Winter Campaign, Vitaly served in 363 guard battalion.

“After he made Sergeant, he was sent at the disposal of our military unit, was assigned to the position of squad leader. And he took the initiative to serve in the area of Operations of the combined forces in the Donbas. So he was in our team”, – said the press officer.

Colleagues respected Vitali, speak very warm. Demchenko said that how many times I saw a kid have always been very positive.

The press service of the Operational command “South” Vitaly wrote about back in 2019, when the older soldier handed the NCO shoulder straps.

Vitaly Limborsky (2019)

OK “South”

As told in the OK South, the company commander captain Sergei Lizanets noticed him as a knowledgeable, proactive, disciplined and, most importantly, reliable warrior. Therefore it was decided to offer Vitali the position of squad leader and send to complete the course non-commissioned training in one of training centers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“The fact that I signed a contract and became a Junior Sergeant, has opened new horizons in my self-improvement, – said Vitaly, – and family proud of me, especially my mother. And to little brother Anton, maybe someday I’ll be an example for imitation”.

On the question, will the warrior to perform the duties of the appointment in the sector of conducting OOS, Vitali then proudly said that if there is such a need, it is with honor that service. And it was – until life Vitaly 26 may not break the shot enemy sniper.

The brigade command has expressed deep condolences to the family of Vitaly Limborska, promising to avenge the death of his sister.

“Eternal memory to the deceased. Never forgive. Revenge” – added the military.

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