Legendary boxer ready to fight Mike Tyson for good money.

The former world champion in the heavyweight Evander Holyfield confirmed his readiness to step in the ring against Mike Tyson, but provided the best financial proposal.

Holyfield believes that such a match would have a positive impact on Boxing.

“I have no personal dislikes Mike. I just think that our match would play a positive role for Boxing. Yes, this is a tough sport, but we can demonstrate that they are able to work together.

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It will be great if we could organize the fight. I can still punch the jab and throw other punches, but I don’t intend to kill. I have no thoughts like: “I will cause you damage and will knock down”.

Mike looks sharp, but I’m also in very good condition. I am in a great physical and mental shape. Let’s do this fight, if we get offered good money,” Holyfield was quoted by The Sun.

Earlier, Holyfield called the desired opponent to return to the ring.

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