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In Pyeongchang launched a team tournament in figure skating. First his short program showed men and competitions gave a lot of unexpected results.

On Friday, February 9, on the opening day of the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang started the team competition.

Just involved 10 countries that have to put at least one athlete in every kind (dance, pairs, men’s and women’s skiing). After the short programs will fight for the medals continue 5 best countries;

For winning short/free program country are worth 10 points, 2nd place – 9, 3rd – 8 and so on.

First his short program showed men and competitions gave a lot of unexpected results.

Fell twice canadian Patrick Chan, piled program American Nathan Chen and Russian Maxim Kolyada, while Alexei Bychenko, who plays for Israel, only skated a clean program and became the second, bringing his team 9 points.

In the short program of the pairs was no sensation and won the Russian pair of Vladimir Morozov and Evgenia Tarasova. Ukrainian Alyona Savchenko, acting with Bruno Mass for Germany, was third.

After the first day lead in the team competition captured Canada, second is USA and third place is shared by Japan and the team of athletes from Russia.

Team competition


Short program

1. Shoma UNO (Japan) – 103,25
2. Alexei Bychenko (Israel) – 88,49
3. Patrick Chan (Canada) – 81,66
4. Nathan Chen (USA) – 80,61
5. Matteo Rizzo (Italy) – 77,77
6. Cha Jung-Hwan (South Korea) – Of 77.70
7. Han Yan (China) Is 77,10
8. Mikhail Kolyada (a team of athletes from Russia) is 74,36
9. Paul Fantz (Germany) Is 66,32
10. Shafiq Besseges (France) Is 61,06


Short program

1. Evgenia Tarasova – Vladimir Morozov (team of athletes from Russia) – 80,92
2. Megan Duhamel – Eric Radford (Canada) – 76,57
3. Aliona Savchenko Bruno Mass (Germany) – 75,63
4. Alex Shimek-Knirim – Chris Knierim (USA) – 69,75
5. Xiaoyu Yu – Hao Zhang (China) – 69,17
6. Vanessa James – Morgan The Sipr (France) – Of 68.49

Position after 2 types of 8

1. Canada – 17 points
2. USA – 14
3. Japan – 13
4. The team of athletes from Russia – 13
5. Israel – 11
6. China – 10
7. Italy – 10
8. Germany – 10
9. South Korea – 6
10. France – 6

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