The head of Tesla Elon Musk has revealed the ancient secrets of electric sedan Model 3. At the time of the debut of this car has got the option, the purpose of which haunted the owners of “triples” for many years.

We are talking about the camera, which is integrated in the salon rearview mirror (is exactly on her “leg”). Many owners of cars could not understand what it was for – there were some versions that had a logical explanation, but they did not comment.

Looks like this camera


But Elon Musk did give the answer to this riddle. In the social network Twitter, one user suggested that, apparently, the camera is designed for robotaxi and installed for defensive purposes. In the future, when cars Tesla will work as a standalone cab, or remotely provided to other drivers for hire, she will be able to record what is happening in the cabin. And if the client suddenly intentionally hurt the car, its appearance will be immediately known to law enforcement. Thus, the “secret” option is intended for the insurance of the owners of electric cars from vandalism. In the comments to this post the Director of Tesla said that this is the correct answer.


— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 12, 2020

As for robotaxi this project the company introduced last year. He was named Tesla Robotaxi. The idea is the following: while the owner of the electric vehicle will be relaxing at home or hard at work, his car will be able to earn money by doing the rental to others (something like Uber, but only with the use of unmanned technologies). According to the Mask, thanks to this service the wallets of owners, Tesla will be further supplemented by an amount up to $ 30,000 annually. Start robotaxi was announced for 2020 but, apparently, it will be postponed to a later date in light of recent events in the world.

Approximately is the taxi Tesla

Tesla Model 3

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