A major role in reducing the use of imported fuel has played a DTEK Prydniprovska TPP

Thermal power plant DTEK Energy in January-August of 2018 has increased the supply of Ukrainian gas coal 4% compared to the same period of 2017 to 17.8 billion kWh. Due to this, Ukraine will need less imported coal, and domestic industry gets the opportunity for development.

Implementing the program to reduce dependence in anthracite, the company continues to reduce its use in thermal power plants. Thus, electricity production of hard coal for thermal power plants of the company for 8 months of the year fell by a quarter to 2.7 billion kWh.

A major role in reducing the use of imported fuel has played a DTEK Prydniprovska TPP, which now generates electricity only with the previously refurbished units with grade And mark G. last month, thermal power plants produced 103 million kWh of electricity from gas to coal, while in August 2017 station worked on anthracite and developed a less energy – 84 million kWh.

And by the end of this year, the station will be transferred to two units with anthracite coal of mark G. as a result, the station will be ready to work in the winter with more power – 4 power units, using only the gas coal.

“The increase in the production of electricity from Ukrainian coal means that the stability of power supply of population and industry increases. With the approaching heating season, it is particularly important. After all, the only Ukrainian resource can be quickly and in the right amounts to put in TPP. So it is clear that in the energy sector it needs to be a priority than imported,” – said the Director of power generation DTEK Energy Sergei Kurylenko.

We will remind, DTEK since the summer of 2017, has been implementing a programme to reduce the dependence of Ukraine’s import of anthracite coal, consisting of three key steps. Step # 1 – transfer of blocks of thermal power plants with anthracite coal to gas coal. Step 2 – provision of Ukrainian coal thermal power plants production. And step # 3 – upgrades capacity thermal power plant for efficient and uninterrupted operation.

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