The patent will allow to get rid of excess views.

The company has patented several technologies, but not all of them were product. Apple is not lagging behind its competitors, so the network has a new patent from Apple Corporation, reports

Apple, March 12, filed a new patent in the patent and trademark office, entitled “Encryption of the display, depending on the look”. This technology will work based on tracking the gaze of the user when using Apple products such as iPhone, iPad or MacBook. In this case, the screen will display the original data only in the area on which the user’s gaze. Taking into account that another area of the screen will zashifrovannoe in the form of mapping about the data to make the content on the screen is illegible to others. What is more interesting is the fact that fake encrypted data will look the same as the original content so that the audience does not deem them suspicious.

The tech giant from Cupertino has always been a harbinger privacy of its products. This is not the first time we see that someone is trying to solve this eternal problem. A few years ago Android smartphones under the Blackberry brand had the function of “Privacy Shade” which completely hid the content on the screen, except for a small movable window that allows the user to access the content.