In our life there are many details that do not even think. But this could be an important cog without which some mechanism is not able to work fully.

The importance of one of these parts we will now describe.

Admit it, you hardly paid attention to the stock packages from under equipment in the back and repeatedly throwing a box “New mail” when they took out its contents. But, for example, when moving may be a problem – where to get cardboard boxes for things. The solution is simple – the company “Express Package”. She has more than ten years, provides the country with this kind of goods, and has established itself as a reliable and responsible supplier.



“Express Packing” is the leading and largest company in this industry. It offers only certified and high-quality goods at competitive prices. But particular emphasis is on the individual approach to the consumer. Experts will be happy to respond to any request, tell you about interesting materials and will tell you what is the best fit.

You can order the product in any point of Ukraine. In most major cities there are representative offices of the company, and to deliver the order right to the doorstep.

Besides, the specialists of “Express Package” is open for new projects and can offer a huge range of products, made to order or ready for selling.



“Express Packing” cooperates with more than 450 companies in Ukraine and abroad. It is also used by a lot of “brands” that everyone has heard of.

To make the process of choosing and buying easier,in 2007, the company launched the first online supermarket packaging. With its help, customer can look for the right product and check prices everywhere indicated both retail and wholesale price.

In addition, contact the division of production, you can leave a request for production of corrugated Board, corrugated packaging, packaging gofrokartona other materials. The staff will answer all questions, and if necessary even develop a customized design package. For this you can write to corporate email at or call at the following numbers:

• +38 (066) 330 0300
• +38 (093) 578 8837
• +38 (096) 719 7719
• +38 (057) 780 9000

One of the main advantages of the online store “Express Package” – the presence of showrooms. The product, which is posted on the website, always in stock. The buyer has the opportunity to come to the office and chat with employees about the needed packages and other materials. All of this will show on the spot, will help determine the choice and arrange delivery at a time specified by you. By the way, the clients are informed about every stage of manufacturing and product delivery with SMS alerts and e-mail.



Attract customers and reasonable prices. “Express Package” follows the market running, so it sets to the customers the best value. Loyal customers offer a system of discounts and accumulate bonuses, which will help you get a good discount. And clients are often pleased with the drawings.

Finally I will add that for the consumer the most important is experience and good customer reviews. And the “Express Package” all this is enough with the surplus.


And VI knew hto postace “Novi Post” box?

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Sanitise, VI I Chi spartali pay attention to the warehouse packaging z-pid techni in your pdabs I have repeatedly Vikedal box “Nova why”, if we took away posilku. Ale, for example, pid hour perezda you can vinicole issue de take the box for speeches? Rsena doval proste company “Express Package”. Won vzhe bilshe ten rokiv zabezpiecze kraïnu Tsim views tovariv, I zarekomendovala yourself Yak Nadine vudli postachalnik.

“Express Package”, it is believed that provde I nails company in Galus. Won proponu clam tilki certifcado I accne product for Vigano cnow. And osoblivi Robit emphasis on Hali pdhd to spojovaci. Professionals wagonette on whether the Yak the request, roskazat about materials, what you scanlate, I pdcat, that same better Pudge.

Simovici product can s be ACO point of Ukraine. Have in the great mist restalaan predstavnistva compan and free of charge of dostaviti zamovlennya mozhut navti on porg home. Besides professionals “Express Package” for otkrit novih proektu I mozhut zaproponowali velicani assortment tovariv, zroblenih on zamovlennya ABO vzhe of gotovih to sale.

“Express Packing” got Dowd spitrit s more than 450 companies of Ukraine , blijnego zarubezhya. , a hotel corestauti baslc “brands”, about that feeling of skin.

Dwellers to do the process wyboru I purchase zruchna, the 2007 year the company launched the first Internet supermarket packaging. For Yogo relief CLT can pay potrebni yomu product I priznaysya of usugi naznachaetsya I rosary, and wholesale vartist.

Also, satelefono to vddlo virobnictva, you can salesite application for vigotovlennya the corrugated cardboard, gofrotari, packaging s corrugated cardboard that NSA materials. Spivrobitnyky will and answers for all zapitannya I for the consumer navti to rosnoblet ndili packaging design. For tsogo can write a commentary on why korporativnu for adresou ABO satelefono numbers:

• +38 (067) 190-9000
• +38 (057) 780-9000
• +38 (063) 100-9000

One s golovnih Pereval Internet-store “Express Package” – NavNet showrooms. Product, that rosene on suit, always yea in NavNet. Identity pokupec got mozliwosci priate to is I populatia zi spivrobitnyky z drive neophane packages that NSA materials. All TSE show on f, dopomozhut viznitsa s choice I nawt to arrange the delivery of ukazani you hour. By the way, CTV nformati about skin stage vigotovlennya the delivery products for DOPOMOGA SMS fortunately, I e-mail.

Prevaluate Clit I Prime prices. “Express Packing” steriti behind the rink, on any working, the fact ostanovlyu navigando vartist. Postinit of pochaptsy proponuyut system discount I nakopitelny bonus, for yakih mozhna DOPOMOGA nod of ottimati a good discount. And sche CLT often TSAT rozhrani.

Naostanok dadamo scho for spozhivche at first cargo of vezhlivij it is believed Dowd I horas uggoki Clit. And compan “Express Package” tsogo plenty.

The information provided in the article 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine and article 6 of the Law of Ukraine On national minorities in Ukraine