Photo: a Man wants to give the jewel to relatives Volle

A man out walking found the lost ring dates back to 1923. It turned out that the ornament belonged to the military. He already died, but the treasure hunter wants to find his family to give back the ring.

An American resident of the city of Alton, Illinois Steve Aemon found a gold ring, lost 97 years ago. It turned out that the jewel belonged to a graduate of the military Academy who fought in the Second world war, writes The Telegraph.

Eamonn is a walk in the Park with a metal detector found the ring of 10-carat gold.

American was able to learn that the ring dates back to 1923, belonged to a graduate of a private military Academy Mervyn Wall. After graduation Volle sent to the Second world war. He died in California.

The owner of the ring Mervyn Wall.

Eamonn also found out that the owner of the rings was married and had a kid. Now a treasure hunter trying to reach a child Volle and give him the ring his father.

As previously reported, the lost engagement ring returned to the owner after 20 years. A treasure hunter accidentally found the decoration engraved and returned it to the owners.

Also wrote that in the Netherlands found a rare ring of Vikings. Unique 1000-year old Viking ring found in a corn field the Amateur archaeologist.

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