Zakharova confused of Ministers of foreign Affairs, commenting on “statement may about Lavrov”

It was about the head of the British foreign Ministry

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Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova have caught the mistake with her comment about statements by the Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may that “the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia is not worthy of his office”. As such, the sensation appeared in one of the telegram channels, although the statement, as it turned out, did not Mei not about Sergey Lavrov.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Really dramatic statement belongs to the leader of the British labour’s Jeremy Corbin. The full text of the speech may directly Lavrov is dedicated to one phrase, that London is withdrawing the earlier invitation to the head of Russian diplomacy.

Corbyn, speaking in Parliament, criticized the statement may. He wondered why London has refused the joint investigation into the poisoning Skripal, not sending poison for examination to Russia. Corbin called on Russia to respond “proportionally and based on the facts.” According to The Guardian, in General, the performance of labour greatly angered conservatives.

According to the testimony of The Independent, is very unhappy with his performance was head of the British foreign Minister, Boris Johnson. Corbin “walked” on his account: “I do Not understand a word of what was said by the head of the foreign office, but his behavior is unworthy of his post”.

Zakharova, first reported may that one should not criticize the Russian Ministers, and later made a PostScript, bringing the story of the pun.

“PS Was this statement may or not? Hiljaisella,” – said the Russian diplomat. “Hiljaisella” means “very likely could be” part of the phrase may eve used to say about the possibility of Russian involvement in the poisoning Skripal.

Mei: the expulsion of diplomats “will completely undermine the activity of Russian special services” in Britain