Seychelles judge accused a woman of greed, pointing to her “calm” during the court process

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New details have become known rape Russian journalist Anna Karabash cleaner rooms in a five star hotel Six Senses Zil Pasyon in the Seychelles.

As said Anna Karabash edition of the Daily Beast, the Seychelles, the judges do not believe that she is the victim. The trial took place in December 2017, however, the punishment of offenders are still not assigned. Retrial is scheduled for may.

Anna in the lawsuit, has indicated that it requires moral compensation to 541 thousand dollars. However, back in Moscow, the day after the alleged assault, the girl was sent by email to the property owner’s request for compensation in the amount of one million dollars. Now, according to the newspaper, on the Islands no one believes in rape Anna, and protection, using the fact that the girl almost doubled the amount of the claim, and the fact that she is Russian, accuses her of greed.

“You’re a liar and a prostitute.” – shouted the defense attorney Basil Hoare on Anna. He insisted that she seduced and invited the suspect to his room, where they “made love” only to accuse him of rape, and so she could shake the hotel”, – writes the edition.

“The truth is, you weren’t raped, Madam! said Hoare. – You see this as an opportunity to earn money. Your response from the very beginning and right now in the courtroom does not say that you were raped. The woman who was raped, will cry, be hysterical, be emotional. You were emotional then, and now too.”

According to the American journalist, Anna really was very calm and reasonable. But this does not prove the absence of rape.

In addition, the journalist has filed a lawsuit against the owners demanding compensation for obstruction.

Anna also said the publication of details of the incident.

To relax she went with my colleague Catherine. Girls lived in separate houses 50 metres from each other. According to her, about twelve-thirty at night when she was asleep, to her mansion entered the hotel.

“When I opened my eyes, I saw his face and the knife, recalls Karabash. He smelled of alcohol, and he began to rape me. It lasted about one and a half hours.”

The woman said that twice tried to escape, but she failed. The man threatened to kill her.

“I shouted but no one heard me. It was awful. I thought I would never see my son,” admits Anna.

She also added that a cleaner alternated threats with stories about his life, and then said he wants to marry her.

The girl gathered strength and decided to go to the trick. She convinced the rapist to take a shower, and she spiked his drink sleeping pills, assuring that you gave him aspirin.

“Villa is designed so that he could see me when taking a shower. I said that I would give him aspirin so he doesn’t feel broken the next day,” said Anna.

After 20 minutes the man was asleep, and she ran from the house to seek help. But more than an hour nobody could find. In the end, she managed to find a night guard and Manager.

“Came a sleepy Manager, Lizzie Lee. She said she would call the police. But the police was called only after 8 hours after I informed the hotel security about the crime,” said the girl.

We will note, according to the website the most budget Villa in this hotel costs about $2500 per night.

According to the “Snoby” Anna Karabash worked as an editor in magazines Domovoy, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, was the moderator of the blog “Health and youth” in the project “Snob”. Wrote in magazine “Money”, the newspaper “Kommersant” and Forbes. Now PR Director entrepreneur and investor in the FMCG sector Ivan Sidorka, and in particular its center culinary startups Mabius. In his spare time continues to write articles about interesting people and travel in the Tatler and Forbes. Anna suffers from chronic wellness addiction and if it is not managed to run into a yoga Studio or go for a bike ride in the Park near the house so the day is lived in vain.

We will remind, it not the first case when the Russian workers of a feather fall in a piquant situation. Recall that a few weeks ago broke in Russia sex scandal, which implicated the Deputy of the state Duma Leonid Slutsky. Several journalists accused him of harassment.

In turn, the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin originally commented on the accusations against the head of the Duma Committee on international Affairs and advised the journalists to change jobs if they feel threatened in Parliament.

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