Yashin called the stories false, and the initiators of the shots – the “nits”

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The head of the Council of municipal deputies of the Krasnoselsky district of Moscow Ilya Yashin in Facebook accused the mayor of the Russian capital in pursuit of their grandmother, who is in a boarding house for the elderly.

He said that the Russian media Life, NTV and TVC did the stories about the woman, and social networks were “paid” about it, which shows, according to Yashin, “a large information campaign”.

“I want to say directly: the customers of this infamy – the Moscow mayor’s office. An obvious sign of this is the participation in the persecution of my grandmother’s TVC channel, controlled by Sobyanin (Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin. – “GORDON”). This is due, apparently, with the election of mayor, which will be held in our city in five months. At city hall, clearly waiting for me to go against Sobyanin on elections. And send a clear signal: don’t even think it will be a fight without rules, we’ll stick to everything you care about. Their calculation is clear – under this pressure people is going to recede”, – the politician wrote.

Yashin called the stories false, and the initiators of the shots – the “nits”.

He said that the grandmother said to the cameras that the grandson has not seen for a long time, but instead the “coming man”.

“Grandmother really do not know and not believe you when you say that I am her grandson. For her I’m still a boy, and his grandfather is still alive. Such memory loss is a typical symptom of senile dementia. Intrusive interview grandmother stopped at the request of the nurses, fearing for her health,” said Yashin.

According to him, “some people like meanness opponents only Angers and motivates”.

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Posted by Ilya Yashin on Saturday, March 24, 2018