The results of the short program in women’s figure skating – Anna Hrycenko occupied 29-e a place

Alina Sagitova. AFP photo

In the night of Wednesday Moscow time on the Olympics-2018 in Pyeongchang started the competition in women’s figure skating – free program was held.

The best result was shown by Olympic athlete Alina Sagitova, which set a new world record for total points in the short program. Sagitova on Wednesday received for the rental of the short program 82,92 points.

Thus, it surpassed the achievement of other Olympic female athletes Evgenia Medvedeva.

“I still can’t comment on that, but I am very glad that I did,” said Sagitov.

Earlier Medvedev skated the program evaluation 81,61 points, breaking his previous world record. Medvedev, commenting on the hire, said he did not consider it perfect. “Cascade, it was possible to do better,” she said.

The previous record – 81,06 points – also found Medvedev to Games 2018 during the team tournament skaters.

Ukrainian figure skater Anna Hrycenko with a score of 47.59 ranked next to last, 29th place, and were not included in the voluntary program, in which 24 best figure skater in the short program.