Russian media is hell. Axiom, Yes. But every new case of outrageous p*ZD*CA makes my eye twitch. And each new case makes me wonder the same question: where are deeper in g*UPE, guys? But no. Then, they are Russian. And bottom there. And now you once again make sure.

The NTV channel shot a video about the fires in California us. Vocabulary usual and wonder no longer. “Fiery hell”, “devil wind”, “body popelish”, “deploy mobile morgues”, “hundred missing”, “more than 300,000 fled from the fire.”

Novolipets again excelled

All this under terrifying and aback the music, as well as the relevant maps “has never occurred before this time in the US disaster.” But the coolest at the end. At the climax, appear footage of the Russian plane and the words “to Save California, can the Russian be-200 aircraft!”

Further inscriptions on the frame bring completely and consistently, without comment: “These amphibians faster and more reliable than the American planes. In the US, there are no special collars to fight fires. For this remake of the old war machines. THE AMERICANS HOPE THAT THE AUTHORITIES WILL TAKE THE BE-200 ON LEASE FROM RUSSIA, DESPITE SANCTIONS”

I honestly don’t even know how is it to comment. But the scale is epic made me show it to you. Because the level of lies, cynicism and manipulation here, just a classic gabellini. The more monstrously the lie, the easier it is to believe. Especially those people whose country pushes live animals and birds, while quietly allowing the starvation of their fellow citizens.


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