Why and how the Iranians shot down the “Boeing” – what could happen? My version

Ukrainian “Boeing” over Tehran, was shot down by the Iranians in the same scenario as the Malaysian “Boeing” Russians over Ukraine in 2014.

According to the leadership of the USA, Canada, great Britain, 176 people died in the attack anti-aircraft missile system “tor-M1”. This complex is part of the Aerospace force of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps – which the US declared a terrorist organization.

Will present their version of events:

1. 8 APR 2019, the year the President trump has declared a terrorist organization the Islamic revolutionary guards Corps (IRGC) is the main military-political organization of Iran, based on Ayatollah regime, essentially a state within a state. The United States established the involvement of the IRGC in the terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia in 1996 that killed 19 Americans.

Novostimoscow the Iranians could shoot down the Board PS752

2. In response to attacks by Pro-Iranian militants and the killing of one American in Kirkuk 27 Dec 2019, US drones destroyed 37 Pro-Iranian fighters, including one of the commanders of the IRGC General Qasem Soleimani.

3. Near Tehran hosted the command post of air defense of the country khavar Ball, a subordinate of the army of Iran. This is for the management of all radar and Sam sites. But anti-aircraft missile complexes “tor-M1” are part of the Aerospace force of the IRGC to cover covert operations. In the army, Iran’s tor-M1 no.

4. SAM “tor-M1” is designed to defeat low-flying high speed fighter jets and cruise missiles, and when for a split second the operator may not have time to react, SAM, you can enable automatic operation. In this mode, he strikes any targets that do not respond to request “friend or foe”.

Novotiral responded to the accusations in the missile strike on the missile plane of MAU

5. On 21 August 2010, Iran was preparing the launch of the first Bushehr nuclear power plant. Aerospace force of the IRGC strengthened the defenses of the station, “Tori”. 17 Aug 2010 fighter of the Iranian air force Phantom was performing a training flight near the station. Army air defense saw the goal and not shooting, and “Thor” AKC revolutionary guards obviously had orders to operate independently, fired the missile and hit your fighter. That is a precedent of indiscriminate firing have been.

6. The night of January 8, 2020 Iran struck a ballistic missile attack on us bases in Iraq. The shelling was carried out of the Aerospace force of the IRGC, the cover covert operation was carried out “Torah.” They expected American counterattack. The Americans strike the first blow “Tomahawks” and “Torah” – the most effective weapon Iran to defeat cruise missiles. Obviously they are as in the case of Bandar būshehr has not been integrated into the air defense system in Iran, and calculations “Tori” had no situational awareness about what is happening in the sky.

7. Had the same tactical situation as 17th July 2014-year in the Donbass, when the Russian command to ensure the secrecy of sent in ambush on Ukrainian aircraft installation “Buk-M1”, without radar control, without connection with the defense system, without the means of target recognition, but simply with the order to shoot down all, because the Ukraine can write off all the mistakes and sacrifices. The tactical problem is the same here – the “tor” was ordered to act independently. The aircraft took off and landed at the airport every 20-30 minutes, but 06.18 “tor” fired the missile by Ukrainian “Boeing”. I think the commander of the IRGC gave the order to act on the environment and a commander of the calculation for some reason, turned on auto attack mode SAM. Because to mistake a huge slow ship with a fighter or a missile looking at the screen of the radar detection impossible.

8. Why I think it’s unlikely a deliberate attack on our plane? Most of the victims – more than 140 – Iranians, Iranian citizens or with dual citizenship of Canada and Iran. It should be noted – an accident does not justify and does not mitigate the responsibility of Iran – but on the contrary increases. It turns out that the Iranian military is savages with missiles that are not aware of their actions and continue to pose a threat. Attack aircraft over the airport at low altitude – it is almost guaranteed exposure. But Iran does not want to samaradorligini and Vice versa, trying to shift the responsibility from his command in the Ukraine. I don’t think they have a chance to prove it – for the deaths of so many people and aircraft to Iran will have to pay dearly. But Ukraine must quickly push the Iranians to the correct solutions and cooperation. Likely to justify Iran, given its acute confrontation with the West, almost none.

In the morning, write that, in my opinion, it is necessary to do now.

And in the photo – the engines of the Boeing. As you can see, one of them burned even after hitting the ground, he was clearly OK and not explode and not burn like it should have happened in the “technical version”, which sounded initially, Iran. And the second, though black in color, but also didn’t cause the crash – it didn’t blow, the turbine blades in place. Engines show by far – by plane, there was something not regular and not a technical one, otherwise the crew had a chance to save the car. That is, the engine could cause the plane lethal damage, moreover, even on one engine the plane could safely land at the airport. But the crew weren’t turned out, the plane died almost instantly…

Push! Signed! Read only the best!

Read the article on “the collapse of the Ukrainian Boeing 737 in Iran” on OBOZREVATEL.

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