UK police have recovered a rough picture of crime in Salisbury. About this informed the head of the counter-terrorism unit of Scotland Yard Neil Basu.

Photo: twitter/BBCDanielS

According to police, the suspects Petrov and Bashirov arrived in London on Friday, March 2 the flight of “Aeroflot” SU2588 and settled in the City Stay at bow road in East London.

The cameras captured Petrov, who arrived at the airport of London Gatwick, 2 March 16.22. Photo from Metropolitan Police

Bashirov on the day of arrival in London. Photo from Metropolitan Police

On Saturday, March 3, at about 11.45 in the morning they went by train to Salisbury and stayed there for several hours. In the afternoon they returned to London .

March 3, 16.11. Men at the train station in Salisbury waiting for a train to London.Photo from Metropolitan Police

As noted by Basu, the Russians have made the trip with the purpose of intelligence and there is no threat to the public these their movement is not carried.

Petrov and Bocharov in Salisbury, March 4, 13.05. Photo from Metropolitan Police

Sunday, March 4, early in the morning, Petrov and Bocharov made a similar journey. According to the police, they put toxic substance “Newbie” on the door handle of the house Sergei Skripal. In the vicinity of the home of former scout be photographed by the surveillance camera.

The suspects then left Salisbury and moved back to London.

At 22.30 the flight of “Aeroflot” SU2585 Petrov and Bashirov flew to Moscow.

“We have no evidence that they returned to the UK after this date,” said Bass.

Two months later, at the hotel City Stay has taken samples and discovered traces of “Newbie”. However, as noted in the police, his number was not a threat to the life or health of people.

According to Basu, the police also found the packaging and the fake bottle from the French perfume, which was a “Newbie”. Found them in the apartment don Sturgess, who died from poisoning in Amesbury in June.


The Prosecutor’s office of Britain on Wednesday, 5 September, announced the names of the suspects in the poisoning of Sergey and Yulia Skrobala. It is the Russians Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov. The Ministry did not rule out that the names are fictitious. Prosecutors also said that will not demand from Russia to extradite its citizens, but issued a European warrant for the arrest of these people.

The Prime Minister of Britain Theresa may, speaking in Parliament, said that the suspects were officers of the GRU, and the decision of the poisoning Skrobala may have taken in Russia at the highest level.