A former intelligence officer announced three major steps of the Russian President on the road to lifting of sanctions

Vladimir Putin. Photo: AFP

The proposal of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to return to Ukraine ships fraught with a cunning plan – he wants to put himself peacekeepers in the eyes of the West, allegedly went to the steps to implement the Minsk agreements, and in fact, wants to achieve lifting of sanctions.

Such opinion in interview “” has expressed by the former head of the foreign intelligence Service of Ukraine Mykola Malomuzh.

He announced three major initiatives of Putin on the way to the lifting of sanctions, but this can hardly be called a reconciliation with Ukraine.

“Today, Putin has been actively engaged in the campaign. He needs to show that he is not some kind of dictator, aggressor and that he was the peacemaker, literally the dove of peace. On the one hand, he seems to be on the implementation of the Minsk agreements, for example, is his initiative on the exchange of prisoners. The second initiative, which we heard earlier was the contingent of UN peacekeepers, but Russian edition. The third initiative is kind of like the return of the ships, equipment, aircraft, APCS, tanks, ammunition which were in Crimea all the time”, – said Malomuzh.


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A former intelligence officer explained that thus wants to influence the attitude of the West towards Russia is to put Russia in a positive light. He cited the example of the statement of foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel, who called for a phased lifting of sanctions.