Photo: 3dnews Cars can’t accelerate more than 180 km/h

Limit means the maximum mark of 180 kilometers per hour. Implements the plan manufacturer in 2020.

Volvo has developed a new strategy to ensure a safe drive in which it intends to limit the maximum speed their cars up to 180 kilometers per hour. This is stated on the website of Volvo.

This innovation will affect car models, which will be produced in 2020.

According to statistics, exceeding the speed limit is one of the main reasons for serious traffic accidents. And because in all cars starting in 2020, the driver simply will not be able to accelerate more than the designated limit.

Furthermore, the planned introduction of the new model of security technologies and auto-pilot. Along with this, the company is exploring the possibility of developing a system that automatically will reduce speed in certain areas.

Earlier it was reported that a subsidiary of Volvo introduced the electric car, which is positioned as a “killer” Tesla.

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