Ukraine is planning to provide further security in the liberated territories of Donbass, repopulating it with the veterans of combat operations and providing military bases.

This broadcast ObozTV said the veteran of the ATO, the ex-the fighter of a battalion “Aydar” Miroslav Gai. According to him, the Ukrainian soldiers begin to create Donbass a new city.

“Now to establish military bases closer to the Donbas. Our military also live there permanently. And there is the whole city. People already living in the former homes, they settled down, they created the infrastructure for training of soldiers, for storage of weapons, ammunition, etc.” – assured guy.

Novostirussia threw in the Donbas a large batch of military equipment

He recalled that in Soviet times, all the major Ukrainian military base was located on the West of the country. It was planned that the state will fight with USA and NATO. Now are our strategic allies, while the enemy is in the East.

“That is, want it or not, but little by little there will be to shape the structure. And if this story will stretch for dozens of years, we must create military bases there quick response that will carry a persistent service,” summed up veteran.

OBOZREVATEL previously published statistics for the dead in the Donbass civilians.

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