Vahan Simonyan answered on all questions before the election, JSC

Election of the Chairman of the Odessa-Armenian community, the largest national enterprises of the region, will be held on Sunday, February 16, 2020.

One of the possible candidates — a successful businessman, philanthropist and community activist with 20 years of experience, Vahan Simonyan. Was nominated by the initiative group of community members who know Vahan Velikovich in his chairmanship of the Armenian business club, membership on the Board of the Charitable Foundation. SV. Gregory the Illuminator, active participation in the religious life of the community. At the same time the Internet began to appear information discrediting the candidate. To personally answer all questions about yourself and to protect your reputation, Vahan Simonyan held a press conference on February 14 in the news Agency “Odessa-media”.


Vahan Simonyan responded to the accusations of anonymous detractors

About information attacks on Mr. Simonyan told his pr-consultant Bogdan Terzi. According to him, the first negative articles appeared immediately, as announced that his client goes to the polls. They were posted on web pages that mimic well-known news resources, and contained a blatantly false, slanderous information. “The community’s representatives issued a denial, and slander was completely broken,” — said Bogdan Terzi. A second attempt detractors made this week by posting pseudojournalism the investigation has been on this site “ANTICOR”. Among the “charges” against the author of the article Vahan Vladykovi, is what his former partner and headed the tax. However, the author responded to the well-known name, not bothering to clarify that the name of this partner more. “Just a namesake, a person who lives in another city — said Terzi. — According to this funny mistake to draw conclusions about the level of the entire material” Also it says that Vahan Simonyan interested in SBU. That’s not true, reported in the SBU, where Simonyan asked to clarify the situation.

Vahan Simonyan told the truth about their partners and their citizenship.

Absolutely baseless and brought other claims published by “Anticorrosive”. A red thread through the article is the idea that Simonyan is a “protege” of a businessman Suren Sardaryan. Vahan Simonyan denied this information: “I’ve known him for 4 years and are crossed only on social and charitable activities. The business I own, I operate independently, as for our cooperation in charity and business club — where decisions are made collectively”. In addition, he stated that he does not have Armenian citizenship and is in the process of obtaining Ukrainian.

Vahan Simonyan: My main goal — the Union of Armenians of Odessa

Vahan Simonyan told about the purposes of participation in the elections.

Host a press conference told the audience why his name never appeared in the media. “Until recently I had no need to become a public person — said Vahan Simonyan. Now, when I agreed to participate in the elections, like it or not, we have to talk about their activities and to communicate with journalists”. He noted that his main goal is to unite Armenians in the implementation of its programme to implement it in a very short time. And to do this he needs the media and the Internet.


Vibor’s head Tesco vremenska fishermen, Nilo national Ob’єdnannya region, progoti in nedly, 16 fierce 2020 rock. One of mornig candidat — uspsi bladesmen, philanthropist I activst fishermen s 20-rcnm experience Vahan Simonyan. Candidacy was visuol netsation group clew fishermen, that good know Vahan Vladkova for Yogo golosuvannya have Vremenskom business club, membership prawn Charitable Foundation im. SV. Gregory Proves, the active uchastju in relgion it fishermen. At the same hour in nternet pocha z they decided to appear information, that defame a candidate. Dwellers osobiste vidpovisti on all the questions about myself . zachistit his reputation, Vahan Simonyan provv press-conference 14 fierce IA “Odessa-media”.

Vahan Simonyan VDPAU on zvinuvachennya anonimnyh neopositivism

About informacin attack on pan Simonyan respown Yogo pr-consultant Bogdan TERS. The words pan TERS, pers negative article z’yavylysya vdras well, Yak Bulo ogoloshen scho Yogo CLT yde on vibor. Rosman stink Boule on the web storinka scho mmouth VDOM Novin resource, and mstyle vidverto pehliva, nalepnice parmacy. “Predstavnici fishermen vistupili from sprostowania, and hardening of the CCB povnistyu rozbity”, — podomys Bogdan TERS. Other sprobe Nedoroslev zrobili on this teen, razmestili pseudojournalism Rosslyn vzhe on spavinaw sit “ANTICOR”. Middle “zvinuvachennya”, PREV of javlenij the author of the article Vahan Vladkovitch, ” those scho Yogo kolesny partner headed podatkowe. However the author Dragunov on dome prcvide not sprays utochniti scho im’ya I tsoho of the other partner. “Just odnofamilitsej, lyudin, scho Givet in Homo MST, — podomys TERS. — Z for this reason smsno pomilki can are Robit of visnovki about riven vsogo material.”Also it says about those scho Vahan Simonyan covetise SBU. About those scho TSE not true, powdery from the SBU, kudi Simonyan zvernuvsya dwellers proyasnit the situation.

Brand bespak postauth I INSHI Tarjanne, opubco “Anticorrosive”. Chervona thread krzi Statt passing thought about those scho Simonyan yea “stavlenikom” large bladesman Suren Sardaryan. Vahan Simonyan prostova Qiu parmacy: “I znajomi W him 4 rocky I perminute only for gromadskiy the charitable DALnet. Business mene sviy in nomu I do independent scho States NASA spitrit in charitable Fund I business club — there rsena Ujfalusi tilki Caligula”. Moreover, he declared, scho not got vronskogo of gromadyanska I znahodytsya in process producing Ukrayinsky.

Vahan Simonyan: My Golovna meta — Ob’єdnannya Odeska wrmen

Proprietor of Pres-Konferenz respown prisutni, chomu as im’ya I Yogo not Bulo Patna in zasobach masowa formats. “To ostannyoho hour mene not Bulo neophot of stavatti publow person — pidkreslyv Vahan Simonyan. — Now, if I porodisa brother the fate of the elections, like it or not, brought rozpovid about his operation I spilkuvannya s zhurnalistami”. He zaznaczyl scho Yogo Golovna meta — Ob date wrmen in spraw realset two programs include, dwellers sdisney , in Nicolosi terms. I for tsogo yomu neohd ZMI the Internet.