Passenger plane Boeing 737-800 flight PS 752 “Ukraine International airlines” crashed on 8 January near Tehran

Photo: EPA

Among other studied version of the Boeing defeat in Iran Russian anti-aircraft missile complex “Thor”, reported January 9, “the Censor.NO” Secretary of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine Alexey Danilov.

In the night of January 9 in Iran arrived state Commission on investigation of the crash of “Ukraine International airlines”. It is composed of specialists who take part in the international investigation of the crash Malaysian Boeing flight MH17.

“In a group of 45 people, representatives of 12 ministries and agencies. Currently there is a meeting with participation of representatives of the competent authorities of Iran, including Iranian ICAO – international civil aviation organization. We study different versions of sudden crash, among the major defeat of the aircraft anti-aircraft missile anti-aircraft missile systems, including the “tor”, as the information about the discovery of fragments of the Russian missiles near the crash site have already appeared on the Internet,” said Danilov.

In addition, according to him, among the versions: a collision with a drone or any other flying object; the demolition of the engine for technical reasons; an explosion inside the airplane in a terrorist act.

“The Commission included specialists who take part in the international investigation of the assault of Russian troops on the Malaysian Boeing MH-17 on 17 July 2014 in the airspace of Ukraine, and also in the examination of the fragments of the Russian anti-aircraft missiles “Buk” that shot down the plane Malaysian. As you know, our experts showed a high level of professionalism in this matter,” continued the Secretary of the NSDC.

He added that the Ukrainian Commission currently negotiates with the Iranian authorities to the issue of leaving the crash site and intends to conduct a search for the wreckage of the Russian anti-aircraft missiles “tor”.

“We use all the achievements on the investigation of the attack on MH17 Boeing to establish the truth in the case of the death of the Ukrainian plane in Tehran. At the moment we conduct effective diplomatic negotiations with the Iranian side, there is every reason to hope for cooperation on all issues, including the participation of our Committee in the decoding of black boxes of our plane. The investigation into the death of Ukrainian citizens is under personal control of the President of Ukraine, about all the data that may publish, we will immediately inform the Ukrainian society and the media,” summed up Daniel.

Passenger plane Boeing 737-800 flight PS 752 “Ukraine International airlines” crashed on 8 January near Tehran shortly after takeoff. The foreign Ministry of Ukraine said that the survivors of a plane crash there.

On Board were 167 passengers and nine crew members: 11 citizens of Ukraine (two passengers and nine crew members), 63 Canada, 82 Iran, three in Germany, 10 in Sweden, four from Afghanistan, three to the UK. MAU published a full list of those killed in the crash.

The attorney General’s office of Ukraine started investigation of the crash. Criminal proceedings opened under part 3 of article 276 (violation of safety rules or operation of air transport, which entailed death of people) the Criminal code of Ukraine.

The Iranian national team for aircraft accident investigation has released a preliminary report on rassledovaniye of plane crash of the Ukrainian UIA. The head of civil aviation Organization of Iran Ali Abedzadeh said that the plane was longrange which was seen by witnesses to the incident. The trajectory indicates that the plane gained altitude and then turned around and headed back to the airport. Abedzadeh also said that the black boxes were damaged in the fire, at the same time in both devices preserved the information.

According to the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, Ukraine expects Ukrainian specialists involve the deciphering of the black boxes of the crashed Iran plane.