Ukrainian athlete Bogdan Bondarenko won the fourth stage of the Diamond League, which took place at Stadio Olimpico in Rome, Italy.

29-year-old native of Kharkiv with a score of 2.31 won gold in the high jump, equalling the best result this season in the world.

Second place went to Maida Eddin ghazal of Syria (2,28), “bronze” Maxim Nedosekova from Belarus (2,28). Another representative of Ukraine Andriy Protsenko took 7 th place (2,22).

The competition was also made by Anna Yaroshchuk-Ryzhikov became sixth in the race for 400 meters hurdles, and Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk – finishing in fifth place in the long jump.

Novostiukraine jumper Bondarenko became the Vice-champion of the world

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, exactly 2 years ago Bogdan also triumphal on stage in Italy.

Before Bondarenko won the gold at the Diamond League stages in Morocco and China.

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