Photo: Getty Images Virtual reverse will not drive gas twice on the GTS

Earlier, Ukraine could not use this feature due to the transit contract with Gazprom.

Between Ukraine and Poland earned a virtual reverse of gas. On Friday, January 24, reported the General Director of the Operator GTS of Ukraine Sergey Makogon in Facebook.

According to him, the new features are actively used by Ukrainian traders had already begun gas supplies from Poland using GIS Drozdovychi.

“For example, if there is a request for the transit of gas from Russia to Poland in the amount of 9 million cubic m per day and the same day there is an application for the import of gas from Poland in the amount of 2 million cubic meters, that is being transported across the border only 7 million cubic meters (9-2),” explained Makogon.

He recalled that earlier it was impossible to do such operations because of the transit contract with Gazprom and Ukraine were forced to physically take out all volumes of gas to Poland via Drozdovychi and bring the required amount back through Germanovichi. This was a costly proposition for gas pumping and delivery volumes were limited technical capacity of the pipeline Germanovichi.

“Now there is no such restriction, and we can by virtual reverse to import the amount of gas which physically comes from the Ukraine to Poland (now it is 9 million cubic meters a day last year, the average transit to Poland was 12 million cubic meters)”, he added.

Makogon noted that the imports from Poland includes the import of gas from the Polish LNG terminal. Thus, now commercial Ukraine to import by virtual reverse up to 9 million cubic meters per day, or 3.3 billion cubic meters of gas from Polish terminal. The Ukrainian GTS is ready to accept from Poland to 6.6 billion cubic meters a year, but while Poland, prior to the completion of a number of works in the Polish GTS, can supply physically, only about 2 billion cubic meters.

“We expect that in the near future, the virtual reverse and will open in Slovakia and in Hungary. The operators of these countries are working on this task. From our side we are ready,” – stated in the message.

We will remind, at the end of summer 2019 Ukrainian GTS tested, dispersed it to high in reverse mode.


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