Now more and more filming movies about magic tricks and magic

Still from the film

In recent years, the field of tricks and illusions awoke great interest. TV channels launched a variety show. Not spared this trend and movie. We have made a small selection of movies about magic tricks.


Still from the film

This is a film about magic tricks, but shares with science fiction and science. Puzzles, stunts and complicated tricks, that compete with the main characters in the movie (Hugh Jackman and Christian bale). Two brilliant magician, creating a masterpiece of presentation, will face to decide who among them is the Great Magician.

“The illusion of deception”


Picture of how the team the best magicians of the world “riders” turns the daring robbery right during their shows, playing cat-and-mouse game with FBI agents.


Photo: Around TV

Biographical film about the greatest magician – Houdini with Jonathan Shek in the title role. The story begins with the early years of unremarkable boys Eric Weiss. Talent and imagination soon turns him into the most famous and rollicking magician Harry Houdini.


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“The illusionist”