Billy Joe Saunders mocked the drug-addicted woman

Billy Joe Saunders

The world champion on Boxing on the average weight under version WBO Billy Joe Saunders fined the British Council for the control box 100 thousand pounds for a video in which he offered to drug addicts to have sex with his companion for a portion of the drug cost of £ 150.

Saunders offered to passers-by, suffering from drug addiction, having sex with a young man, who was in the cabin belonging to the boxer a Rolls Royce for a portion of the drug. Also Saunders forced a woman to hit a passerby.

As a result the British Board of control Boxing punished the 29-year-old athlete for discrediting the sport actions and fined Saunders and making him a serious reprimand. Boxer previously izmenivshiysya for his behavior, agreed with the punishment.

Saunders won the championship belt in December of 2015 and have since held three protection. In October, he planned a fight with Demetrius Andrade.

Yesterday, the first press conference of boxers. During communication with journalists, Oleksandr Usyk said: “I’m not a monster, I’m a white Bunny”.