The wife and the mistress 24-year-old Yuri Alferov, who died at a party at a well-known blogger Catherine Didenko, began to live together.

About this in his Instagram said the mistress of the deceased Elena Pereverzeva. As it turned out, it was with her, he was in the sauna at the time of the tragedy.

“She moved in with me. We are the main support and the support of each other. I love her,” – said the girl to his followers.

The wife and the mistress Alferov came

Instagram Of Elena Pereverzeva

The wife Alferov confessed that she was happy in the relationship with her husband and his mistress and their arranged relationship together.

The wife and the mistress Alferov came

Instagram Of Elena Pereverzeva

“You know, for most of you this sounds crazy, but just for a second stop condemning the three adults that does not hurt anyone, and were happy together. As happy as never before. Two girls lost her lover,” wrote Elena.

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The last part of the story experience R… ⠀ — by the Way, my name is Yura. — Me and Lena) ⠀ We were standing near the area of one of the practices and were holding hands. At this point, there was a guy and a girl, who together came to the party. ⠀ I told Yura that I admire couples who do not lock in everyday life, and find ways to develop relationships, coming to parties like, for example. ⠀ “Yeah? Great! We need you to meet my wife, she’s here somewhere!” ⠀ At the moment I have everything inside was broken… “Wife… Wife. WIFE!!!” ⠀ While I was in a stupor stood and tried to understand how to behave now, came into the room She. Beautiful and very friendly: ⠀ Oh, and here Katya! Kate, this is Lena! Hey! Yeah, I saw you kissing, I decided not to interfere) ⠀ Continued in the carousel. #знакомство_с_R

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As reported by OBOZREVATEL, earlier it became known that Yury Alferov, who died at the party, Catherine Didenko, had a relationship with two women. They lived together in one apartment.

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