Photo: still from video Rough visitor to the restaurant got a pie in the face

The incident occurred in a restaurant in Pechersk. The reason, according to witnesses, was the provocative behavior of women.

The restaurant Guramma Italiana at the cave, the waiter launched the cake into the face of the visitor after it very aggressively with him led. The video was posted on the Instagram page of choreographer Richard horn.

In comments to the video he said that women behaved very rudely and in an abusive manner showed his displeasure.


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I have vkusnaja Lord ? Today we stopped for lunch ? @gurammaitaliana and came across two provincial BYCHEK?? who made all the brain and strongly attracted to its “high society people” attention ? Instant karma ?? or as up…….camping for two Bulls. I managed to capture. Laugh or cry , but I’m on the side of the waiters ?? what do you think ? #bulls #pcanywheredata

Publication from horn (@richardgorn) 30 Oct 2018 9:47 PDT

“Took out all the brain and strongly attracted to his “high-society people,” attention,” he said.

One of the waiters could not stand rough handling and sent the cake into the face of one of the women. And after the dialogue and joined the second woman in the same eccentric manner expressing resentment, the second waiter threw a dish at her face.

As a result, women began to loudly call the administrator of the institution.

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev opened school, which caters to visitors half-naked waitress.

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