We are talking about the withdrawal of the Operational group of Russian troops, not peacekeeping contingent rotation, said Ulanowski

The Russian military. Photo: archive

The UN General Assembly will consider on 22 June the issue of withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria, Minister of foreign Affairs and European integration of Moldova Tudor ulianovschi. According to him, at the initiative of Moldova, the draft resolution was registered in the UN Secretariat.

“The draft resolution called “the complete and unconditional withdrawal of foreign military forces from the territory of the Republic of Moldova”. I hope that States members of the United Nations will support us and show solidarity with Moldova,” – said Ulanovsky.

The Minister stressed that we are talking about the withdrawal of the Operational group of Russian forces (ogrf) and not rotary peacekeeping contingent that is part of the military component of the joint control Commission in accordance with the provisions of the Moldovan-Russian agreement on the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict on July 21, 1992.


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Ulanowski recalled that contrary to this agreement, in which Russia pledged to observe a strict neutrality in relation to parties to the conflict, ogrf troops have participated in military exercises with the power structures of Transnistria, including the forcing of the Dniester on military equipment.

“Obviously, such behavior can only be seen as a direct threat to the security of the RM, as a violation of its sovereignty and territorial integrity, including the constitutional status of neutrality and non-deployment of foreign armed forces on its territory. In the context of the crisis in Ukraine, the intensification of military activities of the Russian troops and structures of the Transnistrian troops contributes to increasing tensions in this region of Europe,” said Ulanovsky.

The Minister recalled that Moldova addressed the UN with a request to include in the agenda of the next meeting of the 72nd session of the General Assembly the question of the withdrawal of Russian troops from the Transnistrian region.