Pidhrushna admitted that he was wrong


On January 25 in Slovenian Pokljuka disqualified Ukrainian athletes participating in the mixed relay at the sixth stage of the biathlon world Cup. It is reported

Violation of the rules of the competition made a point of shooting Olena Pidhrushna.

The athlete explained that before the fire turn the judge apparently pointed out to the representative of Slovenia to the wrong place for shooting, and then asked to move her and the competition.

“Since all this happened literally within a second, I didn’t understand what was going on, and finding what you need to put back the arms and after that move on to another Mat. After all, any transition, under the rules, should be wearing weapons. “I, in turn, was a huge mistake on the turn. Accordingly, I am holding a rifle in his hand, moved backward. And though she looked up and to the side of the plants, it is a violation of safety rules,” said Pidhrushna.

She apologized to the coaches, partners and fans.