The star of “Hellboy” told how peed on the hand before greeting Weinstein

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Ron Perlman

Actively commenting on the political developments in his “Twitter” actor Ron Perlman, known for the role of Hellboy in several films, told his followers associated with Harvey Weinstein story. One day a Hollywood producer asked that they shook hands at a charity event.

“I went to the bathroom, peed on his hand and so went straight to him on the stage,” said Perlman. In his entry he also made reference to the friendship charged with sexual harassment Weinstein, President Donald trump. The actor hopes that after shaking hands with him, the producer shook my hand and Trump.

A deed Perlman did not appreciate: say, knew Weinstein harassing women, and spirit have been just enough to pee on your hand. With the motif “What are you silent?” The Pearlman has written and Donald trump Jr., accusing him of cowardice.

“Thank you subscribed to me, he answered Perlman. – I never said that he knew that Harvey was a rapist. I had never worked. But I KNEW that he was a bastard.”

Hey young don, nice ta meetcha! And thanks for the follow! So…
I never said I knew Harve was a rapist. I never worked for Harve. I wasn’t home his type. I DID know he was a prick though. A prick and a bully. And I gotta thing about that.

— Ron Perlman (@perlmutations) 26 Jun 2018