Ruslan Evdokimenko: It makes me laugh

Photo: svetika / Instagram

The son of a Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru Ruslan Evdokimenko has denied the statement of stylist Sergey Zvereva, the artist remarried. He made the comment channel REN-TV.

“It only makes me laugh. I do not comment on stupidity. Her heart is occupied with her husband, though late. Forever, believe me,” he said.

Zverev said that Rotaru “secretly married.”

Sofia Rotaru was married to national artist of Ukraine Anatoliy Evdokimenko. Their wedding took place on 22 September 1968.

The musician died 23 October 2002 from a stroke.

From Yevdokymenko Rotaru have a son Ruslan, who was born 24 August 1970.