March 12, in Ukraine and around the world celebrate the world day against cyber-censorship and world kidney day.

OBOZREVATEL offers its readers learn the meaning of this day for history, and which, according to national signs, is the weather.

World day against cyber-censorship

March 12 is celebrated a memorable date – the world day against cyber-censorship (World Day Against Cyber Censorship), established by the efforts of the international organizations “reporters without borders” and “Amnesty international”.

World kidney day

World kidney day (World Kidney Day) is celebrated every year on the second Thursday of March since 2006. In fact, it is a global awareness-raising campaign aimed at raising awareness of the importance of the kidneys.

Signs on March 12

  • If the willow on this day, the kidney is swollen – you can expect a rich harvest.

  • Snowdrops appeared – it’s time to begin field work.

  • Willow blossoms – a sign that it is time to conduct the planting.

  • The crown of willow blossomed March 12 – crops will be good.

  • If willow from mid-dissolved – no need to rely on the first shoots.

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